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Are you still looking for 100% blackout curtains?

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When it comes to installing curtains in general, in addition to the beauty of the curtain style, most people are most concerned about the blackout rate. We often hear customers in the curtain store ask: "Are there 100% blackout curtains?". But actually, curtains need to be 100% blackout rate? We have to operate according to the different spaces, and the use of the object of blackout needs. Here are the tips shared byZhuji KSM I&E., LTDon how to select curtains for different environments.

·Living room: 40%-60% blackout rate

The living room emphasizes enough natural light, so the curtain blackout rate does not need to be too high, to meet the function of heat insulation, weakening the strong light can be, generally, about 40%-60% will be enough. At the same time, the living room is also a reflection of the " beauty " of the home, so the choice of curtain combinations pays more attention to ornamental, plus a layer of soft and beautiful window screen (window screen shading rate is generally 30%), the living room immediately enhances the face score.


·Bedroom: 55%-90% blackout rate

To meet the sleep function, the choice of bedroom curtains pays more attention to practicality, mainly reflected in the benefits of natural light on human health. For example, in the early hours of the next day, faint to gradually bright light can be cast into the bedroom, relative to the dark environment, our mental state can be more soothing to accept the gradual change of light, wake up will also be easier, so it is generally not recommended full blackout curtains.


·Children's room: 50%-70% blackout rate

Children are more insecure about the environment, sleeping in a completely dark environment, waking up at night, and crying more often, while not conducive to good rest and relaxation for children. Moreover, the lack of natural light in the children's room is not conducive to the health of children, such as vision, bone development, etc.

So the children's room curtains in 50%-70% blackout rate can be, older children or western sun serious children's room curtains blackout rate can be slightly higher, depending on the acceptance of light of each child.


·Elders' room: 60% blackout rate

Seniors are used to going to bed early and getting up early, and their eyesight is gradually weakening. It is best to have sufficient natural light in the room, and curtains with a blackout rate of about 60% are more conducive to the health of elders.

Generally speaking, double-layer curtains are more suitable for the elderly. The inner layer of muslin curtains can be pulled on during the day to properly adjust the brightness of the room so that the elderly's eyes are not stimulated by strong light.

The outer layer with cotton fabric curtains, better breathability and can ensure a certain degree of warmth, especially at night, can prevent the elderly from suffering from cold.


·General bedroom: 70% or more blackout rate

We need to understand that curtains are not a tool to close yourself, most people's bedroom curtains blackout rate of 70% or more can be protected from the sun and night light pollution, followed by a good night's sleep to wake up naturally, so we do not need to be overly obsessed with "full blackout".

In addition to the practical function of the blackout, curtains reflect the taste of space value. It is often said that the window is the eye of a house, and a set of suitable curtains is the finishing touch to the eye, is an important role of each space is indispensable. After reading this article, you have changed your mind about the practicality and face score of the home?