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Different curtain fabric process types and characteristics

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In this article,Zhuji KSM I&E., LTDwill share with you the types and characteristics of different curtain fabrics.

1.Dyeing process curtains


Dyeing process curtains: use the original white yarn woven fabric, woven and then dyed, which is dyed fabric curtains.

Features: dyed fabric curtains are generally in a single color, pure color dyed fabric is rich in color, and the same fabric can be dyed dozens or even hundreds of different colors.

2. Color weaving process curtains


Color weaving process curtains: first the yarn-dyed, using one or more colors of yarn, and then woven fabric which is color weaving fabric.

Features: color weaving process can be used to make monochrome fabrics, strong color fastness, different batches of fabric color difference is also extremely small. Color weaving fabric can also weave several color cycles of fabric, which can make more colorful fabrics compared to dyed fabrics.

3. Embroidery process curtains


Embroidery process curtains: on top of the fabric that has been processed, according to the requirements of embroidery, composed of pattern flowers which are embroidered curtains. Embroidered curtains have flat embroidery, towel embroidery, applique embroidery, openwork embroidery, etc.

Features: three-dimensional pattern, beautiful and generous, high-end atmosphere.

4. Printing process curtains


Printing process: in the color of the embryo cloth with transfer printing or screen printing on the color, the pattern is said to be printed cloth, simply put is the cloth woven, and then the pattern printed on. The printing process has paper printing, active printing, and digital printing.

Features: colorful, rich patterns, soft-touch, can be washed often without fading, and long use as new.

5. Jacquard process curtains


Jacquard processjacquard, that is, the textile with warp, weft staggered composition of the bumpy pattern. Jacquard fabric is woven in the woven fabric, cloth forming after the flower can no longer be selected.

Features: strong three-dimensional pattern, relatively soft colors, good fabric texture, heavy and strong, relatively high-grade, durable, and connotative.

6. Embossing process curtains


Embossing process: woven flat yarn or flat fabric on the high-temperature embossing. Embossing process and there are different processes such as 3D embossing, electric carving embossing, and glue pressing.

Features: three-dimensional sense, rich flower pattern, good gloss.

7. Flocking, cut velvet process curtains


Flocking process: the fabric is made of various types of fabric as the backing, planted with nylon fluff or viscose fluff on the front, and then processed by baking and washing.

Cut velvet process: the ordinary fabric fleece cut processing so that the surface of the fabric is covered with flat velvet, cut velvet fabric can be cut on both sides, can also be single-sided cut velvet, or partial cut velvet.

8. Burnt-out printing process curtains


Burnt-out printing process: A process of forming a pattern by printing corrosive chemicals on the surface of a fabric composed of two or more fibers through drying and treatment to destroy a fiber component.

Features: the surface has a translucent pattern of light blended fabrics. Have good breathability, size stability, scraping firm, fast-drying and non-iron.