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How to pick a shower curtain: 7 steps

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 Shower curtain is a curtain-like item that hangs outside the tub or shower area, Shower curtains are mainly used to prevent water from splashing outside the shower area when we take a shower. For a small area of the bathroom, the shower curtain can play a good role in separating wet and dry areas. A bright and vibrant shower curtain can even make the whole bathroom style change, so how to buy a suitable shower curtain? In this article,Zhuji KSM I&E., LTDwill teach you how to choose a suitable shower curtainthrough 7 steps.


Judge the bathroom decoration

First, see if you are satisfied with the way the bathroom is currently decorated and how it looks. Then decide how you want to pick the shower curtain: whether you want to match the existing appliance, or whether you want to try out a new color or pick within the decorative theme of the whole house.



Measure the dimensions of the shower area

Use a tape measure to find out the width of the area to be covered by the shower curtain. The height is the vertical distance from the proposed installation position of the curtain rod to the floor. The general height of the shower curtain can be 180 cm and the width is 200 cm.



Make a budget

Shower curtains are available in mass consumption classes as well as branded shower curtains specially designed and produced by designers, at different prices. So before you pick, you need to know what price you can accept, while checking the price range of the shower curtain on the Internet, the corresponding platform has not engaged in promotional activities.



Select shower curtain according to the fabric

According to personal preference, you can pick man-made fiber fabric or synthetic fiber material, such as polyester, in addition to cotton curtain fabrics, and of course many other common curtain fabrics. Manufactured fiber curtains are easy to wash, just wipe them directly, natural fiber, such as cotton curtains will have to be removed from the shower curtain and then passed.



Select color and pattern

Shower curtain color and pattern selection based on: bathroom decorating style, if you plan to rearrange the bathroom, then this time you have to buy with the wall color, floor color, and even with the already bought bath towels and other toiletries coordinated with the shower curtain.



Select interlining

Some shower curtains are made of waterproof fabric, so there is no need to add a lining inside the shower curtain. However, the waterproof coating of the shower curtain is easy to age and wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to add a lining to the shower curtain with a waterproof function, that is, to avoid the embarrassment of the shower curtain waterproof coating is easy to age, the waterproof shower curtain is not waterproof, and can avoid the damage brought by your body and the coating material direct contact. Most of the lining has the function of anti-mildew, and the size of the lining should be comparable to the curtain body.



Select curtain rods and curtain rings

The shower curtain should be hung on a curtain rod with rings. The curtain rod and curtain rings should be durable and have a strong enough weight-bearing capacity (to withstand the weight of the shower curtain and the lining), in addition to which the curtain rod should complement the other objects in the bathroom in a sensory way.



Final Thoughts

The above is the primary method on how to select a suitable shower curtain, shared byZhuji KSM I&E., LTD.But in the specific practice process, we still have to according to the size of the bathroom, and the level of their own financial resources to choose a real meet your requirements of shower curtain.