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Lay the tablecloth, and then the ugly table also has a chance to become beautiful

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Covering the table at home with a tablecloth is somethingZhuji KSM I&E., LTDhighly recommends doing.

1. If you are renting a room or have a limited budget and can not buy a table to your liking, then choose a tablecloth that you like ah, immediately enhance the face score of the table.

2. You can go to buy ready-made, you can also choose the cloth you like to find a tailor to repair the edge. Do not worry too much about matching, as long as it meets your own ideas, of course, the principle is still recommended to be simple.

3. It is best to lay it freely and loosely, not deliberately, naturally looks best.

4. It is also very convenient to use, if the tablecloth is dirty, put it in the washing machine and wash it.

Next Zhuji KSM I&E., LTD will introduce you to some unique styles of tablecloths, you can choose a few of them you like more, in the next selection of tablecloths can be used as a reference



1▲Grey tablecloth, natural pleated feeling

More suitable for those who like natural style.



2▲Dark tablecloths give a sense of stability and tranquility



3▲The simplest linen is the simplest tablecloth, giving a sense of simplicity



4▲Checkered tablecloth makes the black and white space less heavy



5▲Heavy red tablecloths can be matched with green plants



6▲Refreshing blue



7▲Blue and white stripes



8▲Navy blue tablecloth



9▲The green leaf tablecloth, gives the impression of extending the botanical garden to the table.



10▲The regular but moody tablecloth