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Slub Voile introduction

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The information from ZHUJI KSM.CO.,LTD

i will introduce to our hot selling product :Slub Voile

1. material of the product :100% Polyester 

2. Product specification: The general gram weight is 100GSM and the  width is 280cm

3.color of products: The colors of slub voile fabrics can be rich and diverse, the regular white is clean and simple, the coffee color is calm and steady and so on. Different colors can create different atmosphere.

4. Feature of the product: It is a new type of high-grade fabric with the texture of hemp fiber and the shortcoming of easy wrinkling of hemp fiber. Delicate texture, feel smooth and full, excellent permeability, easy to wash and care, light and drapery.

5. Useful of the product: mainly used for home textiles curtain and curtains. Can make the curtain outline natural and comfortable, semi-transparent effect and with elegant and mysterious artistic sense, can add a little warmth and comfort to your home environment.

6.The packaging method of the productour fabric packaging method is roll packaging, such as the picture. We usually have two ways of packing the finished products .

This one have 8rings/pcs and one Hard paper show card+hanger

This one have 5CM ROK POKET and Hard paper show card+hanger  

We can also make customization,

6. Main sales areas:  Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

7. About price: we are a relatively powerful factory, our price will have an advantage over the same industry, and the quality of our products is also very high.Product sales and industry reputation is also very good. We can also provide free samples

8. About delivery time and terms of payment: Delivery 45 days after receipt of deposit,  we support L/C and T/T