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The gap between you and the food photographer, just a tablecloth

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A plate is a world, a table is a nature. In this era of the pursuit of value, taking food photos, in addition to the importance of the plate, composition, a tablecloth to enhance the texture of the food is also essential.

Plus sometimes the surface of the table at home is too much wear and tear, or rental remodeling, with a tablecloth is a good choice! Once the tablecloth is laid, it will be transformed. And with flowers, fruits and vegetables, chopsticks, knives and forks and other embellishments, people immediately glimpse the simple and beautiful texture of life in the ordinary.


Today we will talk about tablecloths and food matching, maybe there is a piece hidden somewhere in your house.


01 Versatile models: solid light-colored tablecloths

Solid light tablecloth can be said to be the least photogenic tablecloth, but also almost versatile tablecloth. When you do not know how to match the tablecloth, choose a solid color light tablecloth will not go wrong.



Suitable with

Porridge, soups, Western-style food, low visual focus, light solid color tablecloth can weaken the background and emphasize the subject.

Want to shoot the literary model of food, according to my understanding of the literary model should be simple, elegant, generous, cotton and linen texture of the solid tablecloth can bring this feeling.

Want to shoot a three-dimensional sense of food, we sketch when we talk about light and dark shadows, the premise is that the background is a solid color does not affect the visual three-dimensional effect. Taking pictures is also.


02 retro style models: wood grain tablecloth

This is another must-have tablecloth for food photography.

The characteristics of wood grain tablecloth is to bring a native, natural atmosphere, and food with a better appetite.

The most important thing is that it is very resistant to dirt.




Suitable for matching with

Original food, more color with the more effective.

Such as freshly squeezed cucumber juice, bright green color with the original wood color tree grain tablecloth is like back to the feeling of nature.


03 classic: square tablecloth

Square tablecloth is the second most versatile tablecloth in addition to the solid tablecloth. Just like the plaid shirt when we choose clothes, it is also versatile.

Plaid tablecloth gives a fresh and bright, casual feeling, like a cheerful tune.




Suitable with

Like sushi, xiao long bao, siu mai, dumplings, dumplings and other such a separate food can be intertwined with the plaid, more likely to be effective.


04 small fresh new: floral tablecloths

Floral tablecloths also do not steal the show, but can bring a background effect.

Small flowers can enhance the atmosphere of life, and can create a warm visual experience together with food. The bright colors of the small floral tablecloths and a kind of Japanese small fresh, rustic feeling.




Suitable with:

Mildly colored noodle food, the colors do not clash, but also can be integrated. Spaghetti, stir-fry, risotto, etc. are good choices.

The bright colors of small fragments of flowers should pay attention to the color match, lemon, watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries and other bright-colored food can take a small fresh photos.


05 Simplicity: Lace tablecloth

If you have a girl's heart and want to live a delicate life, lace tablecloth with food can best complement your heart.

Soft lace layers can also create a sense of layering.




Suitable for matching with:

Simple lace is actually not picky, but it is best to choose brightly colored food.


After reading so much, do you have such a tablecloth at home? If you haven't gotten your hands on these beautiful tablecloths, I recommend you go here to take a look.