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voile fabric introduce

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Today I will introduce to our hot selling product that is also the king of the cost performance of voile fabric

1. The main materials of this fabric is 100%polyester

2. The general gram is 44gsm, the usual width is 150cm, 280cm or300cm. The effective width can reach 2.95.

3. Voile includes solid color voile, PTD voile, embroidery voile and so on.

The color is rich and varied, such as clean white, mysterious purple,and gorgeous red series. The variety of colors also makes voile rich in layers, which can be matched with a variety of fabrics and create a different atmosphere .

4. This product is mainly used for home textile curtain,drapery.

5. The feature of voile fabric is light transparent and delicate texture, soft feel, good air permeability and drape, no penetration of light and it doesnt shine on people decorative, shading and other functions.

6.  About product packing , there are many ways to package products, we are showing you here are two common ways of packaging.

This one have 8rings/pcs and one Hard paper show card+hanger

This one have 5CM ROK POKET and Hard paper show card+hanger  

We can also make customization,

7. Because of its low price and high quality, it is known as the king of cost performance.