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What are one-way see-through curtains?

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What are one-way see-through curtains? One-way see-through curtains have the common functional characteristics of ordinary curtains and their particular function of single see-through, a curtain born in response to the unique needs of modern people, favored by many public figures. The appearance is simple and atmospheric, the material is environmentally friendly, and it can adapt to different home styles with sun protection, heat insulation, heat preservation, and inherit the characteristics of available curtains.

Principle of the one-way see-through curtain:

· Looking out of the window to the interior during the day

One-way see-through curtain with a layer of aluminum-plated (silver) film on it, the use of mirror reflection and diffuse reflection of the optical principle, when looking at the interior from the window during the day, the outdoor light intensity is much greater than the indoor light intensity, the mirror reflection of the curtains will reflect the sun's rays to the eye, receiving 1.5 times the average light power, stimulating the eye, unable to see the objects indoors.

one-way see-through curtain in bedroom

· Looking out the window during daytime indoor

The light intensity outside the window is 3-10 times higher than indoors, and the curtains use the organization of many uniform fine holes of their own; according to the principle of small pore imaging, people can see everything outside the window from indoors.

one-way see-through curtain in living room

· Looking out the window to the interior at night

At night, the light source is shifted to indoor, and the indoor light level needs to be 350-750LUX. The indoor light is not as strong as the sunlight during the day. Therefore, only the general outline can be seen from the window to the indoors.