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What materials are available for window screens?

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Window screens are essentially made of yarn, but this material is also divided into many kinds and often faces a choice when buying, what is a good material for window screens? To ensure that you buy the right window screen, what else do you need to focus on when you buy? In this article,Zhuji KSM I&E., LTDwill show you the relevant content.

What materials are available for window screens?

1、Textile type


The textile window screen material is basically made of chemical fiber, it is a very thin cloth or a very thin layer of yarn. The textile window screen material is relatively light, it is generally matched with the curtain fabric, making it look seemingly present or absent, very hazy and romantic. Textile curtain material can be divided into fiber, cloth, linen, and other types. But from its production process to the window screen material, it can be divided into dyeing and jacquard, and other types of textile window screen material. So many types are no doubt to meet the market demand, but also to provide consumers with a lot of choices.

2、Nylon type


Nylon window screens are made of low-pressure and high-density polyethylene yarn by plain weave. Nylon window screen material is relatively light, can be resistant to acid, can also be resistant to alkali, but also has the characteristics of wind and corrosion resistance. In addition, nylon window screen material characteristics are also very colorful, mainly white, green, and blue three. In addition, the use of nylon window screen material is still relatively wide, it is mostly used in doors and windows and some corridors, and other places. Because it can prevent insects and mosquitoes. In addition, because the price of nylon window screen material is relatively cheap, sought after by consumers.

3、Metal type


Metal window screens are available in black and gray. The metal window screen material is made of metal wire through a special process. The metal window screen material is programmed by plain weaving, this kind of window screen material is relatively green, and metal window screen material service life is generally longer. in addition, metal window screen material also has the role of fire and flame retardant. Metal window screen material has the effect of anti-humidity and anti-static.

4、Fiberglass type


The last type of window screen material introduced to you is the fiberglass window screen. This type of screen material is mainly made of glass fiber and PVC. The fiberglass screen material is made of fiberglass by plastic-coated monofilament plain weave, and then heated and shaped into a fiberglass screen material. This type of window screen material also longer life, and then the window screen material is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless.


What are the tips for buying window screens?

1. Color

Home decoration should first be comfortable, look comfortable with a more comfortable. In the selection of window screens, try to use some soft color tones, the comfort of the living room with the overall tone is very important. This can not only reflect the window screen heat insulation, and protection of privacy function but also can bring a clean and simple feeling to the whole room, giving people the visual and spiritual noble and beautiful enjoyment.

2. Function

Window screens with good light transmission, UV protection, and heat insulation are chosen to enjoy the sun's pervasive rays without being burned by the sun and to enhance human health. This kind of window screen with practicality and decoration makes to make the living room more pure, comfortable, and tasteful. It is most suitable for use in summer so that you can enjoy summer without the heat and spend it easily at home.


Final Thoughts

Zhuji KSM I&E., LTDthinks that when we choose a window screen, we can compare the material of a variety of window screens and then decide which material to buy in the end will be better, but also combined with the color and style of the screen, so that the selected screen can be both beautiful and practical.