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Why choose jacquard fabric?

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The pattern on the jacquard fabric is woven, not ordinary printing, nor embroidery, fabric weaving with warp and weft tissue changes to form patterns, yarn count fine, its stitch density is high, the use of not deformed, not fade, very popular in the market. And multi-color jacquard is color woven jacquard fabric - is first dyed yarn color and then woven by jacquard loom, and finally finishing, so color woven jacquard fabric has more than two colors, fabric colorful, not monotonous, three-dimensional sense is stronger, the grade appears higher. Fabric width is not limited. Jacquard fabrics can generally be used for high and medium-grade clothing production materials or decorative industry materials (such as curtains, sofa materials) jacquard fabric manufacturing process is complex. Warp and weft yarns are interwoven and sunken to form different patterns, concave and convex.



Zhuji KSM I&E.,LTD has been engaged in home textile industry for 8 years and have rich experience in providing high quality curtain and tablecloth fabrics to our customers, so far, our products have been exported to South Asia, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and North America. Jacquard fabric is one of our high quality and best-selling products, the following are the product details of our Jacquard fabric-100% Polyester Jacquard design window curtain blackout fabric for curtains rideaux livingroom.

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